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You can earn interest on both the money you have saved and on the interest that money earns. For instance, If you invest ₹ 5000 and receive 5% annual compound interest, at the end of the year you will have ₹ 5,250 in your account. In your second year, interest will be calculated on ₹ 5,250 and with every passing year, the amount accumulated will have the interest paid on the balance and grow your wealth. Simple interest is applicable for money borrowed for a fixed period of time. While compound interest is applicable whenever the interest is up for payment it will be added back to the principal amount. When it comes to investing, it’s always a good idea to choose an investment avenue that allows you to enjoy compounded interest.

  • It can also be used to analyse an investment’s performance, compare stocks or mutual funds, and even track business performance.
  • Annual returns are a versatile metric – it can be used in many useful ways.
  • You might want to use our CAGR calculator to get the compound annual growth rate.
  • Hence, investing money in compounding interest accounts can be a good source for long-term cash management plan.

Upon how to calculate cagr in normal calculatorholder’s selection of Return of Premium variant this product shall be a Non-Linked Non-Participating Individual Life Insurance Savings Plan. Max Life Smart Wealth Plan| A Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Individual Life Insurance Savings Plan| @Rs.9,68,800/- as lump sum at the end of 15 years, for 35 years old healthy male. The amount of compound interest increases as the frequency of compounding increases.

All you must do is to enter the initial and final values along with the period of the investment. The calculator will show you the compound annual growth rate. It can be calculated using the compound interest formula calculator, which is readily available online.

CAGR measures your investments’ average annual growth over a given period. It shows you the average rate of return on your investments over a year. CAGR is a helpful tool for investors because it precisely measures investment growth over time. When calculating CAGR, profits are assumed to be reinvested at the end of each year of the time horizon. Therefore, CAGR is a representative number, not an accurate return. In most cases, an investment cannot grow at the same rate year after year.

Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)

Despite this, the CAGR calculator is widely used to compare alternative investments. In the situation of an investment route such as mutual funds, you ought to find out whether or not it is worth investing. For a given period of time, you need ways to measure your progress. The mutual fund’s fact sheet will provide the growth rates across varying time horizons.

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You can compare the performance of the mutual funds with its peers or even a benchmark. You get an idea of whether you must invest in the mutual fund to get the return you desire. Mutual fund returns can be calculated through various return metrics like CAGR, absolute return, annualized return, price return, rolling returns, and many more. There is no specific method used for calculating the returns on a mutual fund investment. The investors can use different return metrics to assess & analyze the returns on an investment. Each formula will offer a different kind of view on the gains on investment.

This is one of the most accurate methods of calculating the rise or fall of your investment returns over time. The absolute return shows how much the investment has grown over the entire period. However, absolute return does not show you the true growth of the investment.

CAGR provides the average yearly growth of the investments over a period. CAGR returns depict the average rate of returns earned from investments over a year. Will show the results based on the information you provided. It will depict the total returns you have earned from the investment along with CAGR or absolute returns.

Why to use a CAGR calculator?

It is called CMGR, which evaluates the average monthly growth. It is like CAGR, which evaluates the average annual growth rate. All you must do is replace the number of years with the number of months.. In addition to regular CAGR calculations, you can also use a reverse CAGR calculator to determine the initial investment required to reach a specific target value. Simply enter the target value, the investment period, and the desired CAGR, and the calculator will determine the required initial investment. It will help you determine how much you need to invest to maximize returns over a certain period.

Simply use the m.Stock Compound Annual Growth Rate calculator. The m.Stock CAGR calculator online is extremely easy to use and completely free. CAGR does not consider market fluctuations or market volatility while evaluating the performance of any stocks. This is a hurdle in getting the true picture of the performance of such stock and can mislead the investor in making any investment decision. If you plan to calculate the CAGR on your investments, then you can use the following formula and follow the below-mentioned steps.

Fund Performance Check

For a longer answer, take a look at some of the benefits you will get by investing through our website/app. In contrast to some providers who sneak a markup into the exchange rate, Wise uses an exchange rate provided by Reuters to ensure fair and low-cost transfers. There are no hidden charges involved, and you can track the status of your transfers. Click on any stock you want to analyse on the Kuvera, the best investment app, and get all the details you’ll need. The second step is to enter the final value of the investment.

This is where the Compound Annual Growth Rate comes in handy. But, you might be thinking that it involves complicated mathematical formulas. Fortunately, there are various CAGR calculators available online that can help you determine your return on investment. If your mutual fund investment value increases over time, you can use the calculator and estimate the rate of return on your investment. CAGR is not effective for calculating returns from investments where the investing is periodic, as in the case of systematic investment plans or SIPs.

CAGR shows you the geometric mean return of your investments over a time period, also accounting for compounding growth. In simple terms, an investment with a higher CAGR is better as compared to a lower CAGR. Absolute return is the total return from the date of investment till the current date. The absolute return shows the total increase or decrease in the investment over a period of time in percentage terms.

While annual returns are commonly used to evaluate mutual funds and stocks, the compounding factor is overlooked in these calculations. As a result, these metrics frequently overestimate returns, which can lead to poor investment decisions. CAGR can provide more accurate results by using a standard rate of compounding. It can also be used to analyse an investment’s performance, compare stocks or mutual funds, and even track business performance. The Compound Annual Growth Rate is a percentage-based metric used to determine the annual rate of growth of an investment over a period of more than one year.

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A compound interest calculator is a farely reliable financial tool that helps identify how much investment one needs to make over a time frame. Registration granted by SEBI, Membership of BASL and certification from NISM in no way guarantee performance of the intermediary or provide any assurance of returns to investors. Investment in securities market are subject to market risks.

If the NAV of the fund at the time of investment is 100, which grows to 170 in 4 years. As per the formula using above, one may calculate CAGR to be 14.19%. In other words, it is assumed that the NAV appreciated in a compounded manner at 14.19% each year over a period of 4 years. CAGR formula takes into account the impact of time and compounding. As an investor, you can decide how much to invest now to achieve a specific investment goal over time. You can also use CAGR to compare multiple investment products and how they have performed over a period of time.


While annual returns are frequently used to analyse mutual funds and equities, the compounding factor is sometimes disregarded. As a result, these indicators usually overestimate returns, leading to poorer investment decisions. By using a standard rate of compounding, CAGR can deliver more reliable findings.

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Kuvera provides this online tool for free in an organised and easy to use manner. Kuvera’s CAGR calculator computes the annual average return in an instant, saving your valuable time and resources. It is used to measure the average yearly growth of an investment over a time period and depicts the average rate of returns earned from investments over a year. While the CAGR calculator can be used to determine returns from lump-sum investments, investors of SIP investments may not be able to use the same. This is because the periodic investments made in SIPs are not taken into account as the calculation concentrates on the beginning value of investment. An investor can use the Finity CAGR calculator to ensure that they make the right investment decisions.

Try investing in a fund with a low expense ratio and stay invested in them for longer duration. These funds seek to have a position which replicates the index, say BSE Sensex or NSE Nifty. They maintain an investment portfolio that replicates the composition of the chosen index, thus following a passive style of investing. In the above table Mr Sham has earned an absolute return of 50%.

mutual fund investments

Power of compounding enables your earnings to grow as your investments grow. An interest is added on the initial investment , this interest is the compound interest. Starting your investment journey with mutual funds can be challenging. At Kuvera, we make it easier with goal planning, selection of funds, tax optimisation, and more. Create your financial goal to know the required investment amount as a lump sum and/or SIP and check out our intelligent recommendations of funds.


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